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Stand out from the crowd – while prospects are usually bombarded with hundreds or thousands of media messages both on and offline – at The HR Congress Academy and other Virtual event Series, you can have their undivided attention due to the limited number of selected sponsoring partners.

The HR Congress virtual event series is NOT merely a series of webinars, and standalone online events, this is a true online event series delivering nearly the same interaction and prospecting possibilities similar to a live event.

Some ideas include:

Own the Masterclass  – become the main underwriter of one of the thought leader “Masterclass of your choice – powered by Your Name” 

  • Be the moderator, main facilitator, who introduces the thought leaders, such as Dave Ulrich, Robert Quinn, Dan Pontefract or others.
  • Bring your story in form of a short commercial that will play before the masterclass
  • Facilitate dialogue and lead possible panel discussions with your best prospects – let us know who’d like to see on the panel and we shall invite them to join the evetn
  • Deliver a 10 min product demo at the end of the track or masterclass sessions

Masterclass Presentation – Bring an engaging 90 minutes masterclass to a niche audience and have in-depth, quality online exchange with people who are the keenest on learning what you’ve got to offer.

Big Idea Keynote Presentation – You have the possibility to bring your idea to the main stage and deliver a high-level presentation to the entire audience.  Be seen on the main stage and be associated with top level influencers, such as Dave Ulrich, Dan Ponterfract, Graham Boyd and more.

Lounge Leadership – Own one of the lounges exploring a specific topic during the networking breaks, an informal discussion, just like the way you would be chatting during a coffee break at an in-person event, with one huge upside, the discussion of the topic is presented already. You may sponsor a thought leader to join your Lounge session, so that you would maximize engagement and attendance.

Listen to what our previous partners had to say about our events, and download the Sponsorship Brochure to find out how we can help your company meet the right prospects at the right time!

Download the Sponsorship Brochure

Find out more about how The HR Congress can help grow your business, download the Sponsorship Brochure for more details.