In Company Training

Bring The HR Congress Academy courses to your company and ensure your team is skilled at once!

With The HR Congress Academy, you have the option to customise and create Academy bespoke training courses for your team – a great option for upgrading your team’s competence at once, tailored to your organziation

By selecting (and or developing with us) a course that is important to your team and your business, you have the opportunity to enable the development of crucial modern skills and build knowledge within a specific area of interest for your team.

Furthermore, by having access to our customised learning portal and the course in an online setting, your team gets to have an intimate connection to the course leader. This means that you have the best possible chance to not only learn from the course leader, but also your colleagues as well. After all, learning is best undertaken with good company!

The 5 Benefits of an In-Company Training Course

1. Tailored – pre-course consulting is tailored to your company’s needs

2. Efficient – all your relevant employees can be trained at once

3. Private – you can freely discuss company relevant confidential issues

4. Impactful – courses are made very practical based on YOUR needs, so people can apply skills to their job immediately

5. Cost-effective – significant cost/benefit ratio in comparison to a public course

Typical Course Path

What Are the Benefits?


  • No travel required, study from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Manageable weekly learning chunks to ensure learning effectiveness.
  • Mobile Learning – you can check out lessons on the go through the learning portal.
  • All sessions are recorded so you may re-watch them at your convenience.
  • Weekly live check-in with the instructor so you can ask questions and also attend a live lecture.
  • Immediately able to apply new skills in real life between lectures for the highest impact.

  • No time out from work for employees, each 90 minute lecture takes place at the end of a workday.
  • No hidden costs for travel and accommodation or expenses associated with a classroom training.
  • Maximized learning impact by offering exercises spaced between lectures.
  • Flexible delivery – in case the live lecture is missed, the recording may be watched anytime.
  • Generous volume training discounts, global delivery capability.

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